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Here’s Why Xbox Live Is the Best

12 Month Code Only $40.98. You Save $19.01

12 Month Code Only $40.98. You Save $19.01

We all love videogames; they make our lives more interesting, and just downright fun. Ask any game head out there, and they’ll tell you (arguably) that the best gaming system out there is the Xbox. It’s fun, sleek and provides one of the most immersive gaming experiences out there.

Do you have an Xbox? No doubt you want to get the best experience out of this gaming system that you probably spent a considerable amount of money on (heck, we know they aren’t cheap). However, what can you do to spice up your Xbox gaming experience?

Think about what it would be like to be able to challenge players from around the world, playing your favorite games and developing your gaming skill. Imagine how you’d feel being able to match up with people from around the world, each with similar skillsets as yours in all the great games for some amazing challenges.

Your Xbox is your life isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be amazing to get access to everything you could possibly think of through your Xbox? Think about being able to watch your favorite videos and TV shows – from Amazon Instant Video to Hulu Plus and Netflix – all from your device, with amazing convenience. How fun would it be to be able to watch the game straight from your Xbox? That’s right, there’s a way for you to get access to even ESPN and NFL straight from your gaming console.

Or maybe you’re a music head! It doesn’t matter; you can still get access to thousands of the hottest and newest songs, straight from your console. Stumped as to how this is possible? You need not be, all you have to do is…

Get an Xbox Live Gold Membership! Now before you knock it, let’s take a minute to examine the numerous benefits and just downright awesomeness that an Xbox Live Gold Membership.

With an Xbox Live Gold Membership you can:

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    Unparalled competition

    Enjoy immersive, top-quality gaming experiences and compete with other players worldwide

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    Permium Entertainment

    Get instant access to premium entertainment apps and incredible features only available on Xbox Live!

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    web Browser

    Browse the web directly from your television, which means that you can do just about anything with your Xbox.

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    Social Media

    Connect to your favorite social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Skype) and even Netflix, just by clicking a button!

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    Exclusive deals

    Take advantage of exclusive deals on your favorite games, and special offers within the Xbox Live world that will save you tons of money.

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    Free Games

    You can get two free games each month, from the Games with Gold feature! (That’s right, free games! Who doesn’t love free games?)

Probably the best part about our Xbox Live Gold Membership is the Smart Match feature. Smart Match is the ultimate way to compete in the gaming world; you get paired with other gamers from around the world with a similar skill set, style and reputation as yours to make for some uber ass-kicking gaming experiences!

That’s right, this added feature adds so much dimension to the game. You can connect with people worldwide and either challenge them, or have them join your team to create the best tag-team to rule the multiplayerverse. It’s all up to you! Smart Match is one of the best inventions in the gaming world to date, and you’d be foolish not to take advantage of this great feature that Xbox is making available TO YOU, right now!

That’s what makes owning an Xbox Live Gold Membership so amazing; all the possibilities! This membership makes it possible to anything that your brain can think up – and since you’re a gamer, we know that’s quite a lot. The limits of your imagination are the only boundaries for what you can do with your Xbox once you’ve got an Xbox Live Gold Membership.

You’d be crazy to pass up this amazing opportunity to get your very own Xbox Live Gold Membership; it’s going to change your life forever! You deserve to have the best gaming experience you possibly can on your Xbox, after all you spent an arm for it, and you love games so much. That’s why you need this membership!

What are you waiting for? Get it today!