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  • Unrivaled Multiplayer Gaming
  • Premium Entertainment Apps
  • Internet Explorer On Your TV
  • Exclusive Deals & Spevial Offers
  • The NFL on XBox
  • One Guide
  • Game DVR
  • Skype
  • SmartMatch

There are many benefits of Xbox Live Gold Membership. Not only is there the online multiplayer, but you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix among others. You can stream movies and television shows on your television via the Xbox. You can post an update on Facebook about the movie on the Xbox also. Xbox Live also allows you to create a miniature version of yourself to use an avatar, and you can use that avatar to explore online areas and chat with others. You can also stream Hulu, Last.fm and music from Zune. Read more about xbox live gold membership features and promos on our Blog Page.

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What is XBox Live Gold Membership Codes

Xbox Live 1 Month Gold Membership Card (Buy One Get 1 Free) LargeXbox Live Gold Membership is a paid service that allows players to experience multiplayer online games. Unfortunately, many gamers cannot afford an Xbox Live Gold Membership. It would not be a stretch to say that the majority of gamers still rely on support from their parents. Parents are not always willing to pay for things such as video games. Luckily, I have discovered a way to get good deals on Xbox Live Gold Membership and play the games I enjoy. Xbox Live Gold Membership cost can vary depending on the amount of months the subscription lasts. There are special cards sold in retails stores, which have a code that is used to activate the membership for the amount of time specified. As an avid online gamer, I have gotten these cards rather frequently over the years as birthday presents and Christmas presents. The prices are reasonable, and they are found online for discount prices. However, the membership only lasts a limited amount of time. A three months Xbox Live Gold Membership usually costs a little over $20. A 52-month Xbox Live Gold Membership card costs up to $75. These can be a steal if found online at a discount price. In addition, some websites offer Xbox Live Gold membership codes for free—no purchase required. I was a bit wary of these websites offering Xbox Live Gold codes, so I tried one out. It did not work, so I did not bother to try it again. For those desperate for Xbox Live Gold codes, you can try the generator over and over again until you find one that works, but I personally felt too guilty pirating the paid service for free. Instead of the Xbox Live Gold Membership cards, you can pay for a monthly subscription. The single subscription starts at $5 a month and the family pack starts at $8.33 a month. The family pack has a couple more features, but those are pretty useless unless you have a family. If you play alone on your console, then the single subscription is the one to choose. For the price, getting all of those features is more than worth it. Getting more affordable access to all of the great features of a Xbox Live Gold Membership is as easy as clicking the links below. You will also have opportunities for other free stuff as well. If you have not gotten a chance to experience everything in Xbox live Gold Membership, get the opportunity now.
Tips, Tricks,& Giveaways Xbox Live Gold Membership tricks, how to get free membership plans. Online gaming is a large industry, with millions who engage in online gaming daily. Xbox Live is one of the most popular, with over 5 million subscribers. While other consoles offer free online play, the Xbox requires a Gold membership in order to play with other players online.