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Xbox Live Membership Benefits:

Get Connected to a New World of Entertainment Possibilities!

  • Incredible Multiplayer Gaming Experience
  • Superior Entertainment Apps
  • The Ability To Browse the net On Your TV
  • Special Deals and Offers
  • Watch the NFL on your XBOX
  • Simple Guide
  • Game DVR
  • Skype
  • SmartMatch

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An Xbox Live Gold Membership provides a myriad of benefits. Users can enjoy the ease of online multiplayer gaming and also be able to connect with social media and entertainment platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix. Your favorite movies, television shows, and other live entertainment can be streamed through the Xbox onto your television.

Social media can be easily accessed and users are given the ability to post the newest and most exciting updates through their Xbox. Using Xbox Live users can also create avatars to browse the web and chat with friends and other people. Digital entertainment methods can also be used and streamed through the Xbox. Hulu, Last.FM, and the beats on your Zune list can be easily accessed and broadcast without any issues.

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What is XBox Live Gold Membership

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The Xbox Live Gold Membership is a paid membership service that people can use to connect online and enjoy the experience of multiplayer gaming with people from around the world. The only bad thing about this membership is that it’s expensive and many people have trouble affording it. Parents are hard to convince that an online membership to anything is needed and they’re not always willing to shell out for video games or other things they consider to be frivolous.

Thankfully for people with parents who are unreasonable I have found a way to still receive great deals on an Xbox Live Gold Membership and can continue to play the games I’ve come to love. The cost of an Xbox Live Gold Membership wildly varies depending on the length of the subscription. You can find special cards that are sold in big box and retail electronic stores that provide a code that will allow the Gold Membership to be activated for a specified amount of time. Many online gamers are well aware of these cards and have received them for birthdays or Christmas over the years. While the prices are very reasonable and discounts can even be found, the membership doesn’t last very long and in the long run can cost more money. A three-month Xbox Live Gold Membership costs upwards of $25.

Consider that price when you can receive a 52-month Xbox Live Gold Membership card that only costs around $75. For a discount price this is an amazing opportunity for people who want to play Xbox online. You can even find websites that offer these codes for free but many of them are fake or simply don’t work. If you’re really desperate you can use code generators until you find a code that works. This can be a time-intensive process and many people don’t like the idea of pirating codes for a paid service. Microsoft also has put updates in place to ensure that these fake or stolen codes don’t work for very long.

People who really want to play Xbox online can pay for a monthly subscription for an Xbox Live Gold Membership. Starting at $5 a month you can get a single subscription and there are even family packs available that start at a very reasonable $8.33 a month. There are more features in the family pack but unless you have a family they are pretty much useless and a waste. The single subscription is the best bet for those playing alone on their Xbox For $5 it’s very worth it to enjoy all the features of a membership. Easy and affordable access to the great features of the Xbox Live Gold Membership can be found by clicking the links below. If you’re interested in other free stuff there are opportunities for that as well. If you haven’t been able to enjoy the benefits of an Xbox Live Gold Membership, click the link below and starting enjoying yourself now!

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Xbox Live Gold Membership tricks, how to get free membership plans. Online gaming is a large industry, with millions who engage in online gaming daily. Xbox Live is one of the most popular, with over 5 million subscribers. While other consoles offer free online play, the Xbox requires a Gold membership in order to play with other players online. Xbox Live Offers Free Entertainment App Weekend Escapist Magazine Planet Insane. Xbox Live Offers Free Entertainment App Weekend. Escapist Magazine. While you’d usually need a Gold membership and a subscription to these services Microsoft is changing the rules for just one weekend. Starting tonight and lasting until Monday April 23 2012 anyone with an Xbox 360 and an Internet connection can Xbox Live offering free entertainment this weekendCNET. Free Entertainment Offered to Non-Xbox Live Gold MembersPlanet Insane. Xbox Live apps free for five daysMCV. MSN Tech Gadget UK blog Techwatch EL33TONLINE. all 132 news articles.…

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